Saturday, June 11, 2011

SDN48 finally lifts the age restriction! (Well, partially...)

In a recent blog post on the AKB48 blog, in addition to talking about the last day of AKB48's "Minogashita Kimi-tachi he" concert series (where they've been performing all former and current stages over 20 days), Togasaki finally announced the start date for SDN shows with NO AGE RESTRICTION! \:D/

I've translated the relevant part of the entry below.
"And the other day, we made it possible so that underage fans can also see SDN48's "Yuuwaku no Garter" stage if the shows start at 7PM (or earlier) by making a few changes to the performance.
However, shows that start after 8:30PM will continue to have the 18+ age restriction, so please don't confuse them.
As for buying tickets, you'll still apply ahead of time using E-mail.
As far as not allowing those under 18, or high school students, to see SDN48 shows, as of June 16th, we'll allow them to watch shows that start at 7PM (or earlier).
To check the start time, please check the SDN48 official schedule.
Ticket fees (tax included):
18+ 3,000 yen
Under 18 2,000 yen"
Hopefully LODs aren't too far behind? :D