Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tanisaki Tomomi graduates

And the trend of SDN members dropping like flies continues, as we've now lost 2nd generation member Tanisaki Tomomi (aka "Bambi").  She didn't specify what she'd do after graduating, only saying that she'll continue to chase her dreams in a different way than she has been until now.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A fangirl's ode to her oshimen

No, it's not mine to Nonti (or Hana XD), but rather SKE48 Team S member Matsui Rena's gushing entry about the return of Hana. We knew she was a huge fangirl ever since Hana's graduation concert came out on DVD (where, in part of the making of, we saw Rena fangirling after getting to meet Hana face to face for the first time). And, much like myself, Rena couldn't contain herself after hearing the news.

So, anyway, here's my translation of Rena's fangirling. XD

SDN48 3rd gen debuts!

SDN48's third generation debuted today! You can check out the 3rd. gen page up at the top to learn more about them.  But, to briefly introduce them, the 7 third generation members are:

Hayakawa Sayo
Shinahama Saemi
Kojo Seara
Komatani Hitomi
Tojima Hana

Do the last two sound familiar? Tojima Hana and Komatani Hitomi were both part of AKB48's 1st generation, but they graduated in November, 2008, along with Nakanishi Rina, Ohe Tomomi, and Narita Risa. It had actually been rumored last year that Hana was interested in returning to the 48 family as a part of SDN, which I was tempted to dismiss as too good to be true.

But clearly it wasn't. ;___;

Hana was my very first oshimen (term used to describe being a big fan of a member) and when she announced her graduation I was pretty crushed. I moved on, though, since I still loved AKB, and found Noro Kayo, who, of course, was put into SDN as the captain. XD  Still, this is FANTASTIC news, and I'd like to say "Welcome back!" to both Hana and Hitomi (or "Hiichan").

The 3rd generation members
(L-R: Hitomi, Hana, Seara, Sayo, Siyeon, miray, Saemi)
(I'm still working on identifying them, so sorry for any mistakes.f m(_ _)m If you spot one, please tell me!)

On that note, if you check out the 3rd generation's page and know any of the information I'm missing (especially in the case of Siyeon, who I know literally NOTHING about and can find no information on) and can leave a comment here to tell me, I'd definitely appreciate it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Suppon no Onnatachi 2 update!

Again, you really should be watching these if you aren't. D:  But here's results for the 2nd round of battles. After this, we're left with only 8 remaining members!

Ninomiya Yuka graduates from SDN48

I only found out about this today, unfortunately. ~_~ Sorry I wasn't able to report it earlier.

Ninomiya Yuka has announced that as of the 12th of this month, she has graduated from SDN48 to pursue a career in theater.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Suppon no Onnatachi 2! Summary of episodes 1-4

So, as you've (hopefully) read from a previous entry, Suppon no Onnatachi became Suppon no Onnatachi 2, and the girls were signed up to participate in a tournament.

When I had written my post, I still hadn't gotten a chance to see the first episode, so I wasn't sure what this tournament was, exactly.  However, since then, I've seen episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4 (which are the only ones out at the time of this post), and WOW.  You don't need really any Japanese to comprehend what's going on in these episodes, other than to know this:

If a member loses her matchup, she has to leave the set and she will not be seen at least until the tournament itself has ended.

So that's pretty rough. D:  Anyway,  you really should just watch these episodes for yourself, but under the cut, I'll give a brief explanation of the different events, and the results of the matchups.