Monday, October 11, 2010

More 1st single news!

Oh my, two updates already this morning!  Well, to be fair, I could have tacked this onto my last one, but whatever. :P

The titles for the type-exclusive songs on SDN48's 1st single have been revealed!

"Eros no Trigger" - Undergirls A
"Sado he Wataru" - Undergirls B

Members for each (thanks to Jasey @ S48):
Eros no Trigger members:
1st Gen: Hatakeyama, Okochi, Nishikunihara, Nachu, Mitsui, Kaida, Imayoshi
2nd Gen: Fujikoso, Natsuko, Kimoto, Oyama, Matsushima

Sado he Wataru members:
1st Gen: Kondo, Tezuka, Kouchi
2nd Gen: Aikawa, Ito M, Akiko, Tanisaki, Tsuda, Hosoda, Ninomiya, Fukuda, Takahashi has a ton of amazing shots of the senbatsu, Undergirls A, and Undergirls B, so you should head there to check them out (cause there's a lot of shots and I'm not uploading them all :P).

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  1. thanks for that link,,that one picture of Noro has me speechless,,,