Friday, October 1, 2010

October's girls

This month, I'll be giving you an (unintentionally) intimate look at SDN48's October birthdays.  Why do I say "(unintentionally) intimate"?  Well, to answer the first part...

... there are only two October birthdays. ^^;;;

As for why it's a more intimate look, well...

... both girls are former AKB48 members, meaning I know significantly more about them just off the top of my head than I do about some of the SDN48 members.  Hey, I'm still learning about SDN48 like some of you are!  Think of it like an adventure. XDDD

So, anyway, on to it!

First up (although it's still quite far off) is Urano Kazumi, who will celebrate her 25th birthday on October 23rd.

Why you should love her:
She's definitely got a good imagination.  As you may know, her nickname is CinDy, after Cinderella.  She claims to have a tiara on her head that can only be seen by the young at heart. She's also an original AKB48 member, dating all the way back to Team A.  She was transferred to Team B, along with two other Team A members, in 2007 to help the (then new) team learn and grow.  As a result, she has an astonishingly high number of shows performed at the AKB48 theater.  Currently, she hosts her own radio show, CinDy Syndrome on BayFM (well, if you're in Japan).

Apologies for the old picture, but I wanted to show off the tiara for people who haven't seen it before. XD

Next up is Noro Kayo, who will celebrate her 27th birthday on October 28th.

Why you should love her:
If you like to laugh, Nontii is the girl you want to pay attention to.  Well, if you know Japanese anyway.  She's also a really good singer and dancer, as evidenced in a performance of End Roll from Team K's 5th stage.  She also loves Halloween, and since her birthday is so close, fans have done birthday celebrations for her in the theater that are Halloween themed.  Being that she's a bit of a joker, she will try to "turn that frown upside down", using her comedic skills to make everyone cheer up.  I tried to find a YouTube video of the following example, but since I couldn't, just bear with me. :P

During AKB48's April, 2009, concert in NHK Hall, as fellow Team K member Hayano Kaoru was graduating, Akimoto Sayaka was reading a letter, in which she called Kaoru the "14-jo" (14th oldest girl) in the Team K family, after a song called "16-nin Shimai no Uta".  This was a perfect example of the kind of bond Team K has.  Except Kaoru isn't the 14-jo, she's the 13-jo.  Fellow member Ono Erena pointed this out, and said, "I'm the 14-jo!", causing Sayaka to fall to her knees and start apologizing.  Afterwards, Team K member Naruse Risa was saying her goodbye to Kaoru and mentioned that she is the real 14-jo.  Erena is the 15-jo.  Immediately after, it was Nontii's turn to hand Kaoru a flower and say her goodbyes, so she walks up to Kaoru, and while pretending to cry, says, "I'm the 14-jo!!".  Of course, she's actually the 2-jo in the song, so this was even more absurd, causing everyone to forget the mistake and just laugh.


  1. I love the CinDy picture you chose <3. Happy birthday to the October celebrants!

  2. i love them both,,noro was 25 when i first saw akb on youtube,,time marches on