Sunday, May 1, 2011

Suppon no Onnatachi 2! Summary of episodes 1-4

So, as you've (hopefully) read from a previous entry, Suppon no Onnatachi became Suppon no Onnatachi 2, and the girls were signed up to participate in a tournament.

When I had written my post, I still hadn't gotten a chance to see the first episode, so I wasn't sure what this tournament was, exactly.  However, since then, I've seen episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4 (which are the only ones out at the time of this post), and WOW.  You don't need really any Japanese to comprehend what's going on in these episodes, other than to know this:

If a member loses her matchup, she has to leave the set and she will not be seen at least until the tournament itself has ended.

So that's pretty rough. D:  Anyway,  you really should just watch these episodes for yourself, but under the cut, I'll give a brief explanation of the different events, and the results of the matchups.

On episodes 2 and 3, we sped through blocks A and B, then C and D, of the bracket.  Each block had two different games to do, so we'll start with the first game from block A and work our way down to the last game of block D to sum up those two weeks.  Again, I really can't stress this enough but YOU NEED TO WATCH THESE EPISODES.  Really.  Go download them or watch them on YouTube or something.  It's worth it, I swear. XD

1st game: 
Grab the word off the rear of your opponent's shorts
Round 1: Sato Yukari vs Serina
     Winner: Serina
Round 2: Kaida Juri vs Chen Qu
     Winner: Kaida Juri

2nd game:
Round 1: Oyama Aimi vs Kohara Haruka
     Winner: Oyama Aimi
Round 2: Ito Mana vs Matsushima Rumi
     Winner: Ito Mana

1st game:
Thigh wrestling (kinda like thumb wrestling, but with thighs XD)
Round 1: Tezuka Machiko vs Akita Kazue
     Winner: Akita Kazue
Round 2: KONAN vs Fujikoso Yumi
     Winner: KONAN

2nd game:
Situp battle
Round 1: Umeda Haruka vs Mitsui Hiromi
     Winner: Mitsui Hiromi
Round 2: Kimoto Yuki vs Aikawa Yuki vs Imayoshi Megumi
     Winner: Imayoshi Megumi

1st game:
Deflate the medicine ball and stuff it into a box
Round 1: Noro Kayo vs Hosoda Miyu
     Winner: Noro Kayo

Round 2: Hatakeyama Chiaki vs Okochi Misa
     Winner: Okochi Misa

2nd game:
Over and under the rope 8 times, then grab the flag
Round 1: Ninomiya Yuka vs Nishikunihara Reiko
     Winner: Ninomiya Yuka
Round 2: Ohori Megumi vs Kochi Masami vs Fukuda Akane
     Winner: Ohori Megumi

1st game:
Grab 5 of your color ball with chopsticks and move them to a separate bowl
Round 1: Urano Kazumi vs Tsuda Marina
     Winner: Urano Kazumi
Round 2: Takahashi Yui vs Tanisaki Tomomi
     Winner: Tanisaki Tomomi

2nd game:
Hang for as long as you can from a bar
Round 1: Kato Rumi vs Kondo Sayaka
     Winner: Kato Rumi
Round 2: Nachu vs Natsuko vs Akiko
     Winner: Natsuko

Next week: The results from the 2nd round for A block and B block!

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