Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Suppon no Onnatachi 2 update!

Again, you really should be watching these if you aren't. D:  But here's results for the 2nd round of battles. After this, we're left with only 8 remaining members!

A Block
Kaida Juri vs KONAN

B Block
Ito Mana vs Imayoshi Megumi

C Block
Noro Kayo vs Ohori Megumi*

D Block
Urano Kazumi vs Kato Rumi

*Originally, this spot was filled by Ninomiya Yuka, but due to her graduation, Meetan, who had been her last opponent, was called back in to the tournament in Yuka's place.

Personally, I'm both excited and scared for the Nonti/Meetan showdown. I really love both of them, and have ever since they were in Team K together, so it's going to hurt to see either have to go home. :(

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