Friday, May 27, 2011

A fangirl's ode to her oshimen

No, it's not mine to Nonti (or Hana XD), but rather SKE48 Team S member Matsui Rena's gushing entry about the return of Hana. We knew she was a huge fangirl ever since Hana's graduation concert came out on DVD (where, in part of the making of, we saw Rena fangirling after getting to meet Hana face to face for the first time). And, much like myself, Rena couldn't contain herself after hearing the news.

So, anyway, here's my translation of Rena's fangirling. XD

Matsui Rena blog - (Gao・ω・ー!)

It's Rena! (・ω・)

I'd like to yell something now.

*I think this blog will make you sick first thing in the morning. Please be careful.



SDN48888888888 (´;ω;`) tears of joy←

I was so happy just thinking!
Of being able to see!
Tojima Hana-san dancing and singing on stage again!

I cried. (´;ω;`)←

I first met her at her graduation concert, and I was so happy to meet my beloved Tojima Hana-san, but at the same time I was sad that she was going to graduate, so I cried when she gave her graduation speech.
But I was happy that I was standing on the same stage as she was, even if I was far away.
She was so nice to me during her spare time, and I was happy.
She consoled me when I was crying tears of joy, and I came to like her even more.

That very same Tojima-san is coming back to the stage!
I'll be able to see a new side of her as part of SDN,
I'll be able to see her sing and dance again,
I'll be able to meet her during concerts again...

Those things make me too happy... (´;ω;`)

Ah, this is like continuing to go around even though you wind up exactly where you started. LOL

I think I can make it through anything hard that comes my way this week if I just think of this.

And, thank you for reading this blog entry that was full of personal feelings.
I'm sure that all of you can understand it, though?
See, just put your own oshimen in, and...ヽ(*・ω・*)ノ←

I'm. So. Ha.ppy. ヽ(*・ω・*)ノ


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