Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coming soon: SDN to finally not be 18-only

As some of you (or most of you) are aware, during the "Surprise wa Arimasen!" concert this past July, Nontii made an announcement: SDN48 shows will drop the 18+ restriction, without toning down (much?) of the content.  And a few days ago, in the AKB48 official blog, Theater Manager Togasaki said the words that (lead up to the words that) we've all been waiting for:

They're going to make an announcement about the date that the change will take place shortly.

Why does this matter for overseas fans since we can't really go to the theater anyway?  It means we might (*fingers crossed*) actually get to see LODs of the Yuuwaku no Garter stage.  If nothing else, it means more exposure for SDN since younger fans (like those who might have been fans of the original AKB/SKE members who were transferred into SDN) can go see their oshimen again.

(Source for the announcement about the announcement:

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