Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Everyday, Kachuusha translation

Lastly, this is SDN48's cover of AKB48's "Everyday, Kachuusha". Not much was changed other than sexier outfits (the tops are semi-transparent!) and a small change to the way the song is sung. I view this as kind of a fun little extra, since 8 of SDN's members used to be in AKB48 (or SKE48, in the case of Tezuka Machiko). Not all of those members participated in this song (going by the PV), but most of them did. For the curious, those members are Nonti, Meetan, Yukarin, Cindy, and Kyururun. Of course, there are other members of SDN participating as well.

Lastly, a note about the lyrics: I generally copy/paste (or write into notepad by hand) the lyrics and translate directly from those, preserving line breaks and everything. However, this song has a lot of line breaks

that make
it fairly
when put
into English.


So I basically did what I wanted with the line breaks. I also "fixed" the lyrics where they repeat "Everyday" three times instead of "Every, Every, Everyday" which, I dunno about you, but that's what *I* hear when I listen to it.

Maybe I'm just getting old and going deaf. *shrug* LOL

Anyway, enjoy!

The sun is shining down
even brighter than it did yesterday
I want to change into a bright white
t-shirt and invite you right now

We'll ride a bus that's still not full along
the highway running along the coast,
and we'll chase the ocean breeze and
search for summer before anyone else

Next to my heart,
while we see the same view
we'll be friends
like we always have,
for years to come

While you take off your headband,
you look back at me, and smile in the wind
Just by doing that, I'm left speechless
even though I'm thinking this much...
While you take off your headband, as if
to untie  your long hair...
At some point, you became an adult,
so much so that you're not in my league
I like you even more
Every, Every, Everyday
Every, Everyday
Headband girl

The beach is a lot like you
and I can't walk along it as I want to
While we dodge the incoming waves
our footprints get erased

I don't want anything
that's for sure
If I could just come
with you, still innocent,
to the beach next year as well...

I'm in a long lasting love
with you, wearing your headband
Ever since the day we met in the same class,
through today when you got even prettier...
No matter how many seasons come and go...
No one in the world can
hold a candle to you, wearing your headband
It looks better on you than anyone else in the world
You're an angel with your hair in a halo
Please, don't
ever change

I love you
I can't express in words
I love you
the way I feel
I love you
Just like a noticeable tan...
Love is surely something
that everyone realizes eventually
Every, Every, Everyday
Every, Everyday
Headband girl

Every, Every, Everyday
Every, Everyday
Headband girl

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