Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New addition to the profile pages

Hopefully you've all at least glanced at the profile pages by now, but I've added a new feature: Each girl's Gree blog, plus their Ameba blog (if they have one) has been added just below their name.  Even if you don't understand Japanese, sometimes the pictures alone can be fairly entertaining. XD

As a side note, if you do understand Japanese (or don't, but don't care) you can leave comments on the Ameba blogs if you have an Ameba account (if you've ever played Ameba Pigg, you already have an account).  Some people have said posts don't seem to go through if they're all in English, so you might want to try inserting one of Ameba's text-based smileys into your comment if you're not writing it in Japanese - however, bear in mind that, aside from Sayanee, none of the girls are exactly what you'd call "fluent" in English, so try to keep it on the simple side.

You can also leave comments on the Gree blogs, but only if you have a Japanese cell phone with a valid email address from a Japanese service provider.  Which is pretty silly since they give you the option to say that you live overseas in the sign up form, but oh well.

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