Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Welcome to "Ganbariina!", an SDN48 fanblog.

Some of you less familiar with AKB48 and it's sister groups may wonder who SDN48 is, so to start, here's a short introduction.

SDN48 (SDN standing for "SaturDay Night") was created in 2009, with the premise of being a more adult idol group, featuring shows later at night and with members who were 20 and over.  They debuted with the "Yuuwaku no Garter" stage on August 1st, 2009 with 21 1st generation members and 3 unders.  On August 23rd, Noro Kayo was named SDN48's captain, and it was announced that she, fellow Team K member Ohori Megumi, Team A member Sato Yukari and Team B member Urano Kazumi would be permanently transfered to SDN48.  Later, Team B member Kohara Haruka was also added as an under.  On May 15th, 2010, 16 2nd generation members were added, and all 4 unders were added as official 1st generation members.  Both generations currently perform the "Yuuwaku no Garter Stage".

On June 2nd, SDN48's first television show, "Suppon no Onnatachi" started.  This 10-minute show served two purposes: the first, to get SDN48 more exposure in the media, and the second, to serve as a platform for SDN48's 1st single senbatsu (selected) members.  After various challenges and attempts to get their name out there, SDN48 finally received the news that they had been signed with Universal Music Japan.  SDN was also given a second show in July, 2010, "SDN48+10".  The first two episodes dealt with member introductions and also 4 of the members (Chen Qu, Kohara Haruka, Tanisaki Tomomi and Fukuyama Sakura) attempting to climb Mt. Fuji to promote the show.

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