Saturday, September 25, 2010

Suppon no Onnatachi 9/22/2010

I finally got my hands on this!  Unfortunately, it's a YouTube version, so no screen shots for now.  As I understand it, a version has been uploaded to H!O, so I should hopefully be able to download it and edit this with some screen shots soon-ish.

Anyway, this week's episode was a bit more "behind the scenes" of the senbatsu announcement.  We get to hear some comments from both members that were selected, and those who didn't make the cut.

My original plan was to translate the member's comments, but it's really hard to make people out when they're crying and it's not your native language. XD  So I'll pull some of the more interesting (IMO) comments.

I was trying to think how I could summarize these comments, but really, I think it's best to let you all read them without any additional blabber from me (plus, this episode just left me speechless, to be entirely honest).  I think they speak for themselves, honestly.  


Ito Kana
"I moved here to Tokyo a year ago... I bowed to my parents and told them that I was going to withdraw from college... because I wanted to chase my dream no matter what... I'm standing here because I withdrew from college.  I'm so full of gratitude to everyone who supported me."

Chen Qu
"I thought it was impossible for me.  But then in the middle, I rose up a little, and I thought "Huh?"... I was really anticipating it... I already told my mom, so I think I want to send her a CD... This is kind of painful."


Fujikoso Yumi
"I had a dream, and I think I became part of SDN48 to fulfill that dream... I think it's a place that will allow me to grow, so I want to learn and absorb what I can from people and do what I can."

Urano Kazumi
"As for how much the word "senbatsu" means to me... I've longed after that word for so long, and I think it's like I've become closer to that thing I admire, or that I've become it, and that's really... I'm really happy now.  But now I'll think of that word very seriously, and I want to walk with everyone, one step at a time, to make SDN48 hit our big break."


Kimoto Yuki
"Rather than being nervous, I was just neutral.  Next time, rather than saying, "Well, I'm just a 2nd generation member", I'll push myself and definitely make it into the senbatsu.  Please be good to me."

Kohara Haruka
"I started out in AKB as a research student, and then I was finally promoted into Team B, and then transferred into SDN48... and a lot of stuff happened, but I always thought, "I can't give up", and I worked hard just like that.  Right now, I'm really thankful that I was chosen."

Renewed spirit!

Kaida Juri
"I think of everyone as my rivals, so I want to surpass them all and do my best."

Kondo Sayaka
"In order to be known by more and more people, I want to work 1, 2, no, 3 times harder than everyone and do my best."

The group

Sato Yukari
"I was thinking about a lot of stuff backstage... but I felt sick and I couldn't think of anything... but I think of being 2nd... an amazing place... to be a really major thing.  But it's a really happy thing, so I want to take that heaviness and become a person who really helps pull SDN48 along.  I really feel that from my heart.  So, please, really... please be good to me!  Thank you!"

Okochi Misa
"Please show everyone the power of all 37 of us with the 12 of you." 


  1. wow,,this is so real! i dont like reality shows that much but the ups and downs are so agonizing. thanks for all your translations

  2. during the announcement about the sdn senbatsu, i think you could tell yukari was doubting herself during the CM, unless if they spliced footage together, but when Nonti's name was called, she realized that's right the ex-akb girls are probably the top!