Friday, September 10, 2010

September's girls

Tonight, I'm going to introduce a little running column of sorts.  Every month, I'll introduce the members who will have their birthday, and tell you a bit about them so you can get to know them even if you haven't been caught up with their TV shows, Suppon no Onnatachi and SDN48+10.  I plan to do this around the first of each month, but since I just started the blog, this month's entry has come a little later than usual.

First up, we have Kato Mami, who celebrated her 23rd birthday on September 7th.

Why you should love her:
Along with Sakura, she went through the equivalent of 3 lemons, in an attempt to get in the magazine, "The Television".  She's the center of the 1st generation members, and she can do an amazing open-legged jump as she displays during her unit song, "Yuuwaku no Garter".  She also did ballet for 10 years and loves musicals.

Next, it's Kimoto Yuuki, who celebrated her 24th birthday on September 9th.

Why you should love her:
She managed to survive the harsh 35 -> 3 member cut on the first episode of Suppon no Onnatachi, which aired on June 2nd.  She's also got amazing ambition.  When asked how she would promote Nikkan Sports (the paper they were attempting to get space in), she said, "I don't have many friends, but we would all pool together our allowances and buy copies of Nikkan Sports!"  She also used to work at a bar, and was known for her method of making a fresh grapefruit drink as she showed us in the second episode of SDN48+10.

Tanisaki Tomomi celebrates her 27th birthday on September 11th.

Why you should love her: 
As she explained in the July 21st episode of Suppon no Onnatachi, Tomomi went out on stage without her skirt on during her first performance, leaving her in nothing but her bloomers.  Rather than run off stage to get her skirt on, she continued with the show as though nothing was wrong.  Although, partially that's because she didn't notice it... XDD  She was also part of the group that attempted to climb Mt. Fuji for the first episode of SDN48+10, but she unfortunately had to retire part-way through because she was still recovering from being sick.

Along with Tomomi, Ninomiya Yuka also celebrates a birthday on the 11th!  However, she's only turning 21. :P

Why you should love her: 
She's the only married member, making history.  She's also never lost a staring contest, due to her ability to make extremely weird faces.  Lastly, along with Tomomi, she managed to survive the battle to become a member of the promotional group for the movie "Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu".  Could it be that she hates to lose? :o

For upcoming birthdays, we have Mitsui Hiromi on the 19th, who will turn 27!

Why you should love her: 
She used to work as someone who handed out tissues (a common method of advertising in Japan) and is skilled enough to get even a stubborn passerby to take her tissues.  She also plays the piano & the flute.  You can see her play the flute on the July 28th episode of Suppon no Onnatachi, where she was also subject to a revealing interview about her love life, along with Akita Kazue and Hatakeyama Chiaki.  On a side note, she's one of only two members to wear pants during "Black boy", due to some of the moves required of her.

Next, we have Aikawa Yuuki, a second generation member of SDN48 who will celebrate her 26th birthday on September 23rd.

Why you should love her:
She's good at ball games, likes watching sports & shopping.
She also used to be a race queen.  Plus, as evidenced on the August 26th episode of Suppon no Onnatachi, does a mean impression of that World Cup predicting octopus. XDD

Last but certainly not least, is Fukuyama Sakura, who will celebrate her 22nd birthday on September 24th.

Why you should love her: 
She likes listening to music, karaoke, and is good at jazz & hip hop dancing, as well as cooking.  She also gives a good massage, as she demonstrated to the staff at The Television.  Sakuran also climbed Mt. Fuji for SDN48+10, making it as high as it was possible due to the bad weather.

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