Friday, September 10, 2010

SDN48 on Show Battle!

Show Battle is a TV show where a team led by the duo London Boots and a team led by the duo Tutorial face off while following a theme.  This time, the theme was parodies.  SDN48 was playing for the Tutorial team, while Torii Miyuki was playing for London Boots.

For SDN48, 6 members appeared: Ohori Megumi, Noro Kayo, Sato Yukari, Serina, Fukuyama Sakura, and Chen Qu.

Helping SDN48 with their song is Imoaraizaka-kakarichou.

As we find out later, he does more than just write the lyrics and come up with the dance...

But, before we see SDN48's finished product, the members standing in the back are asked to switch with the three in the front. XD

Before each team reveals their work, they reveal what they'll ask the loser to do if they win.  SDN48 wants Torii to eat the hottest pepper in the world, since she's avoided eating spicy food her whole life.  Torii, on the other hand, wants to grope each member of SDN48 to find out who has the best chest.  The members aren't exactly thrilled about that idea...

Finally, we're shown Torii Miyuki's Perfume parody, and then we move on to what we've all been waiting for.  It's SDN48 with a parody of the Bay City Rollers song, "Saturday Night".

On a side note, am I the only one that thought of that Planters Peanuts commercial from a few years back when Imoaraizaka came out dressed like that, especially given the song choice and everything? XD

In addition to introducing SDN48 to the world, they also get to take some cheap shots at themselves...

"No one knows who we are!"

"We're not cabaret girls!"

It ends with SDN revealing their goal: Get on Kouhaku some day.

Do I have you hooked yet?  Do you want to know who won already?

Well, then what are you waiting for?

Go download it!  It's worth it, trust me. ;D

But, before I go, here are the full lyrics to the song, translated:

S A T U R D A Y night
S A T U R D A Y night

Generally speaking, we're a sister group of AKB
SDN means Saturday Night

Surely everyone is thinking,
"Who the hell is SDN?"
Even though we were in AKB, we're not known

We're not, not, not, not, not young
We're also not, not, not, not well known
"Don't lose!"

We can't wear AKB's school uniforms anymore, but
with our adult charm,
see, we're much sexier
than those childish girls
We're definitely not cabaret girls
On saturday nights
at the AKB theater
"We're waiting!"

S A T U R D A Y night
S A T U R D A Y night

We're not a rip-off of AKB!
Even if we're older than 20, we're not old ladies!
At this age, we've got guts!
We're SDN
That means Saturday Night
We want to appear at Kouhaku some day! 

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